Taqueria Mexico – Worth the Trip!


By Ariel

So after eating my share of Chipotle, I was craving some authentic Mexican food.  I decided to try Taqueria Mexico in Waltham.  It is situated between a car repair shop and a residential neighborhood, so not your typical restaurant location. When I walked in, I felt like I had actually stepped into someone’s kitchen.  The tables themselves even resembled ones I had seen at friends’ houses. 



Don’t let the informal atmosphere fool you – the wait on a Saturday night can be almost an hour, so make a reservation (especially if you are going with a group).

Once you sit down they serve a fresh basket of tortilla chips and salsa.  The chips are homemade and a little too greasy for my taste.  The waiters are always busy, so don’t expect them to explain anything to you on the menu. You are lucky if they remember to come back to take your order. All that aside, the food was delicious! 





The entrees aren’t fancy, but they hit the spot! I probably could have skipped the sorry salad on the side of the plate. I think I could have done a better job at home on that one. The meat was cooked perfectly though and had a lot of flavor.  You can really tell the food is freshly prepared.  Everything is also reasonably priced and fits most dinning budgets.

This place is certainly a hidden gem and is worth checking out.

4 Beans




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