Dining-In “Prix Fixe”


By: Hilary

With all of my moving and running around the places I’ve eaten just haven’t been blog post worthy (or I’ve already posted about them) so I figured I would go a different route on April Fools Day. I also tried to come up with a creative April Fools Day article but failed miserably. I’m not creative. Deal with it. 

I wanted to share my experience with Dining In which has saved me on many occasion at work since unfortunately I don’t work in the city and can’t just run out, grab something next door, and be back before my next meeting. If I don’t have time to make lunch in the morning and find myself in back to back meetings all day I usually just order from Dining In (which is sponsored by my company, but you can use it without that). 

Dining In has 2 different ways to purchase – through your organization or not. If you’re going through your organization there are certain restaurants you can order from every day and you get a calendar like in the picture below. There’s extremely subsidized delivery costs and you can order anything on the menu from the restaurant. Don’t worry. You can get Panera every day. If you’re anything like me you were worried about that too! What’s also nice is it’s always delivered at the same time, but what’s not so nice is if you forget to order before 10:30 you’re out of luck. They’ll email you a reminder every day of what your choices are and what time you need to order by. 


If you’re going it on your own you might find that the delivery costs are fairly high, but in a pinch it’s still better than not eating at all (or eating from the vending machine… not that I’ve ever done that….) 


If you’re out of the city or just too busy to even think about leaving your own desk to go get lunch consider Dining In. It’s definitely been a convenient way to keep from starving for me. 



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