Nothing Old about Old Magoun Saloon


By: Hilary 

I know. The name “Old Magoun Saloon” doesn’t really should best place ever! I have to say that I came across it because it was a 10 minute walk from my house and I just happened to need a local place to meet a potential roommate. That being said it’s never disappointed me in the countless times I’ve been there since. If you’re looking for fine dining this is definitely not your scene, but if you’re looking for Irish waitresses/bartenders, an owner that’s actually behind the bar on a regular basis, rotating beers on tap, and good bar food this is the place for you. 

I’ve had a multitude of different dishes in the years of eating here. The burgers are always a safe choice regardless of which one you pick and there’s a range from standard plain burgers for the conservative folks and spicy ones for people who like to live on the wild side. Both are delicious. I’ve also had the chicken nachos, fajitas, steak tips, pizza, etc etc etc and I will admit I’ve never not enjoyed my food. 

In terms of the atmosphere it really just depends on when you’re there. With a lot of TVs they typically get pretty busy if there’s anything remotely exciting going on in the sports world which makes it a really great viewing experience. The Olympics, Patriots games and March Madness are just a couple of examples of events I’ve watched here. What that also means is if you’re looking to come here and just enjoy a quiet meal you probably want to plan around that. Sundays/Saturdays during lunch (outside of March Madness) are usually pretty quiet and I’ve actually gotten a lot of homework done on those days! It’s also usually slower during the week early in the night. 

Overall this is one of my favorite bars and I hope if you’re ever in Somerville you’ll check it out!


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